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Friday Web Finds

In a previous post, I wrote about Rebecca McClanahan’s suggestion to spend some time in quiet meditation as a way to grow one’s inner eye. This article from the Huffington Post will not only show you how to meditate, it will also teach you how to use Writing as Meditation. And  it would probably be a life-changing experience to  write meditatively in one of these libraries,  among the most beautiful in the world!

Parker Palmer is back with a meditative piece on writing. Of the Three Eternal (So Far) Truths about Living and WritingI find the first and last easier to practice. The second…

The school year in the Philippines is over, and while mulling over school matters early this week, I remembered a photo essay I chanced upon many years ago. Going to school may be easy for many, but not all children take the bus. In this post, you’ll see images of Kids Risking Their Lives to Reach School.

I’ve been taking Listening Walks as often as I can. In case you want to read  Walking, Henry David Thoreau’s book is still free on Kindle.


Photo courtesy of Morguefile

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