Spirituality: Recent Highlights
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Paths Along the Journey

Life presents us with many paths along our journey. Sometimes the pathways are lovely and make us feel good. Some paths are rugged and look hard to traverse; while others are just – well, ok.

When we are presented with a new path, life asks us to make decisions. Do we proceed along the path we are currently treading or do we stop and take the new one being presented to us? It is always easier to go down the familiar road, but the fact that we are being presented with a new path means that we are up to the challenge of exploring a new journey, a new way of Being.

The next time a new pathway appears before you, know that you are being presented with the prospect of a new journey – and that you have everything you need to face the challenges presented by the new path.

Everything you need is within you.

Photo courtesy of Morguefile


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