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A Prayer for Nepal


On this 4th Sunday of the Easter Season,
we pause and remember our brothers and sisters in Nepal.
Those who perished from the earthquake –
May the Light  embrace them as they pass through the eternal threshold;
And may their families find comfort in their time of sorrow.

May those who were wounded be comforted in their pain and fear;
May those rendered homeless find warmth and shelter from the cold nights;
and may the good Samaritans who are helping in whatever way they can
be blessed with strength and fortitude as they dig through the rubble.
We pray that they find many survivors.

Sympathies and condolences to the families of the mountaineers
who perished because of massive avalanches on Mt. Everest.

They who dared to climb and perished knew the dangers.
Yet they persisted, hearkening to the call of the mountains.
Where one  feels the pulse of nature merging with  one’s sinews.
Where the wind sings songs one hears only in earth’s highest places;
Where the majesty of nature abundantly nurtures the soul.

May they find the peace and glory they were looking for;
And may they rest in heaven’s summit.


photo credit: Annapurna Base Camp via photopin (license)


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