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Writing as Spiritual Practice



Writing and spirituality overlap in my life, and sometimes they feel like the same thing. Although I bought a lot of books on writing over the past few years to augment what I considered to be a dearth of writing know-how in creative non-fiction, lately I have been drawn to books on how writing can be used as spiritual practice.

I have been able to create more writing time because I now consider writing as one of my daily spiritual practices. This has made a huge difference in my attitude toward my writing life. I have dropped all writing goals. I write simply because it feeds my soul, and when my soul is not hungry, I am happy. The thought of writing early in the morning makes me want to go to sleep early and wake up earlier than usual.

When you see your writing as more than a hobby, profession, or craft
– as a profound expression of yourself –
you have no choice but to write with utter conviction and authenticity.
The deepest sources of creativity within you will open.

                                                                              – Jill Jepson

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  1. Hi Rosanna, I wonder whether you use a written journal or e-journal. I took part in a month long digital journal event last year and am having difficulty to settling back into the routine. Now I am wondering whether it is because I need to physically write.


    • I always write on a journal. I have tried digital journaling and it worked well too, but I just love writing on paper. Maybe it’s something else that’s keeping you from going back. That’s how it is with me…it’s never about writing, it’s always about feelings.


  2. Lovely! Have you read Julia Cameron’s books on creativity, Rosanna? One of the tools she insists people use is the writing of morning pages–writing with no goal but to connect one to one’s self. This post reminds me of her practice!


    • Yes Pam, I have tried morning pages and have actually written a post on why it has not worked for me, mainly because of the two-page requirement. There are days when I want to write more; and some days I just want to write a paragraph or two and then create mandalas. But morning pages works for many people. Different folks, different strokes?!

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      • Absolutely! I don’t believe in rigid rules, but I find I have to give myself rigid assignments to make sure I show up at the page!


  3. Writing, for me, is definitely a spiritual practice. Have you read the book “Writing Down Your Soul”? I think you might enjoy it. It’s all about writing as a means of getting in touch with our inner voice, Spirit, God, gods, higher power, or what-have-you.


    • I’ve read one of Janet Conner’s books, but not that one. Sounds interesting! Now it’s on my Amazon wish list! Thanks for the tip!


  4. I wish I felt this way about writing right now… but I got a real laugh out of this post because the thought of COFFEE in the morning makes me want to go to bed earlier and get up earlier, lol!


  5. What a great attitude. You are doing the writing needed to generate ideas but without it feeling like drudgery.


    • Yes, indeed. Also no stress on producing certain number of words per day….just allowing the words to flow….


  6. I like this thought. I used to journal a lot more, mostly at the end of the day, but I really do need to pick it up again…


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