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Helpful Apps for Bloggers

I’ve been using Pocket to clip interesting posts since I started this blog. I used to rely on Evernote, but somewhere along the way I lost interest in the application – I think it became too complicated for my brain.

“OneNote is the best Microsoft program you’re probably not using,” says Derek Walter of PC World. How true.

Up until a few months ago,  I haphazardly used OneNote, during attempts to write a book (a project which has now been dumped!) But the commitment to blog daily necessitated taking lots of notes and bookmarking websites. This time I turned to OneNote for help.

It’s an amazingly easy, convenient program to use. OneNote has been a big help in my bid to blog daily for one year.

If you ever need a handy program for your writing projects, consider OneNote. It comes with Windows, and you can download it for free if you are using Mac, iPhone6 or an android.

It’s a versatile digital notebook that may just inspire you to write a book. Oh well…..


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  1. I used Evernote extensively in the early days. It worked seamlessly with WordPress and you were able to select it to post as a draft for further editing. Towards the end of last year WordPress no longer allows you to post from another application into WordPress as a draft. I too have turned to OneNote but am wondering whether it will be possible to post (via email) to WordPress.


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