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Showing Up

Everyday, I show up at my writing desk early in the morning and before going to sleep. I used to do this in the past  because successful writers advice us to do it. But when it started to feel like an obligation and responsibility, I used my work load as an excuse to quit, and then I went back to my old habit of writing whenever I could find the time during the day.

But I missed showing up at specific times of the day at my writing desk. Slowly I went back to the practice – but not because I want to become a successful writer. I picked up the habit again because I love to write; and it feels good to give time and importance to my writing practice.

These days, I show up at my writing desk twice a day because it has become a ritual that lends color, texture and meaning to my days. Those two occasions during the day are some of the happiest and  most meaningful moments  of my waking hours. There are no rules, no definite number of pages to fill up. One of the added perks of showing up early in the morning is writing to the sound of the  chirping of the birds in the backyard. A daily treat indeed!

And speaking of showing up, I show up in this blog everyday because daily blogging has become a ritual as well.

What rituals lend bright colors to your days?



In our part of the world…



The Eurasian tree sparrow, commonly
called maya in the Philippines, regularly shows up in our backyard.
Several of them merrily chirp as they begin their day.


  1. Windy Mama says

    Reading your blog is one of my rituals. Sipping my morning coffee and staring out the window and listening to the words that come to mind first thing in the morning. That’s my favourite.

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    • Coming from you Susanne, that’s a super huge compliment. Oh my, I wish it were day time here so i could say you just made my day! The view from your window must be so inspiring it causes the well to open up. Nice morning ritual!


  2. Windy Mama says

    The window view isn’t at all inspiring – just treetops and sky – but it’s the quiet, hearing the birds, far away traffic that make a morning lullaby to start the day.


  3. What you write makes a lot of sense, Rosanna. I have to form a habit also. Letting my writing slide has become a bad habit. I need to form the good habit of working on my WIP first thing every day before I become tired. 🙂


    • Suzanne, what I’m discovering is that what works for one may not work for all. I suppose the formula is: find the time of the day when you can be alone writing…and then have fun doing it.


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