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Friday Web Finds

I practice Tsudoku. I bet you do too! Tsudoku is a Japanese word that means piling up books that you bought but have not read. Sounds terrible, but  Umberto Eco says it’s ok. Maria Popova explains why in Umberto Eco’s Antilibrary: Why Unread Books Are More Valuable to Our Lives than Read Ones.

In a A Seizure of Happiness: Mary Oliver on Finding Magic in Life’s Unremarkable Moments, Popova clarifies why attentiveness, more popularly called mindfulness, could be tantamount to “total, effortless surrender to happiness.”

This one’s a keeper – I’ve bookmarked it and can’t get enough of it. Old Masters…After 80, some people don’t retire. They reign.  Why are we afraid of aging given all the possibilities?

Have a happy Friday!

 In our part of the world…


We’re the midst of a searing summer season. To help her cope with the heat,
Mali, the only elephant in the Philippines, gets several baths daily at the Manila Zoo.

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