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At a Turtle’s Pace

I’m making slow progress in rebuilding a writer’s life. I’m going at a turtle’s pace, so different from last year’s attempt, when I thought I was just being determined. But going at a fast and at times frenetic pace resulted in stress and soon I began to equate writing with stress.

Now I am going slow, taking my time. I am enjoying the process of waiting and watching the words flow and typing and writing them down. Blogging used to be a big deal and required much time and thinking. Now I sit before the computer and ask myself, “What do I want to blog about today?”

I asked myself that question a while ago and there was no answer. “Oh my, I don’t have anything to write about,” I whispered to myself. So I decided to meander and see where the energy would take me.

I thought of revisiting  an online writing community I used to participate in and was so surprised by the changes within the group. It has grown beautifully. I made a decision to participate in the community again…when? Well, since I had no contributions to submit at the moment, I told myself, “At my own pace, a turtle’s pace.”

That was a light bulb moment: I had a title for today’s blog post. Titles make great writing prompts, so here I am blogging about my slow pace.

I am meandering in my writing life and the pace and seeming lack of direction beautifully fits in with my life. I am enjoying writing without the stress and it feels great. Maybe at this pace I’ll never get around to writing a book. Hmmm….

A few years ago, I lent a journal to a friend. She was so curious about my way of thinking and I was in no mood to explain. So, after I finished  a notebook, I gave it to her. She said: a) It read like a book; b) “You write well;” c)  Could she read the sequel, please?

“Oh Snap!” I castigated myself. Her comments put an end to my penchant for making bonfires out of my journals.

Today my night table is a small, thin cabinet that contains  more than two dozens of journals.

At a turtle’s pace, I’ll probably never ever publish a book. But everyday, I write a few pages and every few months I finish a journal – a book about a part of my life.

That’s good enough for this turtle.

For now.




In our part of the world…

The Turtle Islands, also known as Turtle Isles,
is composed of a remote group of seven islands
in the southernmost region of the Philippines.
These islands, together with three of Malaysia’s
nearby islands are some of the world’s few
remaining major nesting grounds for the Green Sea Turtle.


“Green turtle swimming over coral reefs in Kona”
by Brocken Inaglory. Licensed under CC BY-SA 3.0 via Wikimedia Commons


  1. You seem to have found your pace. How wonderful. There’s so much helpful advice out there that my to-do list could take me all day if I followed it all. Finding our pace and balance, picking and choosing what works individually is sometimes baffling. Congrats on finding what works for you. I’m inspired.


    • I tried to follow the advice of successful writers but I realized that it’s hard for someone who embraces the eastern way of life to adopt the western ways. I’m glad you found the post inspiring.

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  2. I’m intrigued that you allowed someone to read one of your journals. That is maturity! My journals are to untangle the thoughts that clutter my mind and sometimes the page carries burdens I would struggle to allow others a sneaky peek into. I’m envious of your capacity to be so vulnerable Rosanna. Lovely lovely post and beautifully written. Should you never write a book your journals will be your gift to those who come behind. (Linda)


    • It was also an exercise in courage. I have always been a very private person. I figured that allowing her to read that journal would help me get over the fear that people would not understand my inner most feelings.

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  3. Windy Mama says

    I like this approach, Rosanna. It is realistic and manageable. What an amazing compliment from your friend on your journal writing, too. You must have found that very encouraging.


    • Yes Susanne. This slow pace is what works for me now. As for my friend’s compliment, it was a pleasant surprise 🙂


  4. Shelah says

    Hi, Rosanna, I approach writing much the same. I never want it to feel like a burden or forced. It’s a creative outlet meant to be enjoyed! 🙂


  5. You sound like me. I’m also trying to “reinvent” my writing space and find my new groove. It’s hard and sometimes uncomfortable, but nice to know I’m not the only one feeling these things.


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