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A Writing App Named after Hemingway

I wrote this post using Hemingway Editor. Since English is only a second language, I figured this app would help me write better.

This app shows you how you’re doing as you type the words. As of now, I’m doing well. I see on the right side of the screen that none of the sentences I’ve written are hard to read. I haven’t used the passive voice. My readability score is Grade 3, which is good.

I’m going to try writing with this app for a while. I think it will help streamline my writing style.

But this post from the New Yorker says Ernest Hemingway’s writing didn’t pass this  app. Oops, that sentence is now highlighted in yellow. That means it is hard to read. I can understand why Hemingway’s writing failed. This app wants you to write short sentences. It would be a change to write short sentences because I tend to write complex ones.

You can find the online beta version of this app here.




  1. Glad you posted this – I purchased that same app and I have trouble using it on my Mac. I have to go to the finder window to search for it. I think I missed a step on the downloading – missing the icon.
    Thanks for sharing 🙂


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