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We’ve Got Talent!

I’m dedicating this post to the amazing Filipino talents that were showcased in the first ever Asia’s Got Talent competition. The Grand Finals were held tonight in Singapore.

El Gamma Penumbra – the Filipino shadow play group that earned several standing ovations from the judges and audience during the competition was proclaimed Grand Finals winner. Here is their award-winning performance. This six-minute video will amaze and inspire you – promise! Please watch it!




Filipina Gerphil Flores was among the three Grand Finalists. Her performances also gained her several standing ovations, plus a promise from Canadian musician, record producer, composer, songwriter, and arranger David Foster who publicly said:“I promise you, I promise you, the world is going to know about you. That’s a promise.” Here is her amazing grand finals performance.



Coming in second were the Mongolian ‘throat singers,  Khusugstun who were recognized for their spellbinding and ethereal performances. Another personal favorite!



  1. All three performances were so unique. What an impossible task trying to judge! I thought the dancers were stupendous and so creative. A great start to the day. I feel quite invigorated after watching and listening to all these talented people!


    • Thanks Suzanne. Glad you felt inspired by these great and amazing talents! I hope someday our “talents” will also inspire 🙂

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