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Friday Web Finds

As we near the end of May, we are saying goodbye to the last few days of summer. We are now experiencing sunny days interspersed with thunderstorms. It had been a searing summer – the hottest I’ve experienced here in my native Philippines. During the past three months, we had a handful of days when temperatures reached 104°F – way above the usual 91°F average summer temperature. June will usher in the 5-month rainy season. Soon we will begin preparing for the floods and the typhoons…we’re  living and thinking on the margins.

Vivian Gornick is A Woman on the Margins . In this interview, she discusses the problem with writing programs. Gornick expounds on the memoir’s potential for dishonesty; and she tells as how she finds her way in this world as a writer.

Louise DeSalvo is one writer who finds her way in this world through The Art of Slow Writing (this works well for me). In this post, Margarita Tartakovsky discusses why The Creative Process Takes Time (And That’s A Good Thing). The post focuses on DeSalvo’s book.

We’re now in the middle of a thunderstorm, which is very frightening for the dogs and cats -all  24 of them. Summer torched but drifted away so swiftly it seems, still I am grateful that I had written much about the past months in my journals. Saying goodbye to the bright, sunny months is bittersweet – I’m sure the animals will miss their time out in the yard as much as we will miss the road trips and bird watching jaunts.

It pays to write on a journal everyday. If you have not been journaling, or if you want to begin a regular habit of journaling,  this post by Ruth Folit will help you get started.

Happy Friday and may you enjoy this summer scene from Boracay, one of our most popular beaches…

Photo credit: Boracay by Elmer Valenzuela via Malate


  1. This, maybe, where our two different climates merge…we are having warm days and thunderstorms leading INTO our summer! Our one little rescue dog has a terrible time during thunderstorms; she was trembling when I left for work today, poor baby! Thank you for the links–wonderful stuff. How is it I have never discovered Louise DeSalvo!


    • It’s interesting, Pam, how the climates are different in various parts of the world. I hope the thunderstorms in your area won’t last long…for the sake of your little lonesome dog. At least our rescues have a companion or two – they have another animal to snuggle with. Except of course for our fierce Mynah who doesn’t care about thunderstorms anyway.

      Will have more about DeSalvo in a future post:-)

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  2. I hope your winter passes quickly and safely, Rosanna. I must admit I miss thunderstorms. We used to have exciting ones on the US east coast where I grew up. Now, on the west coast they are rare. I actually miss blizzards too. I think it’s because they remind me of my childhood and canceled school days, and the fun of being scared when we weren’t really in danger.


  3. Diana, here in the Philippines, which is a tropical country, our “winter” is from November to February – the coldest months, but no snow. We just went through a blistering summer. I’m glad you have lots of fond childhood memories. And i hope you have some thunderstorms this year…it’s rare to find someone who actually loves them:-)


  4. We’re experimenting a blistering hot summer here in India. We’re in the mountains so it’s a bit cooler, but not much. People in some areas are dying from sunstroke. Everyone is hoping the monsoon will start soon and give relief. Good reading in this piece. I especially liked the piece by Vivian Gornick. She’s a realist and an honest, outspoken person. I admire that. 🙂


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