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Writing Prompts from Everywhere

Writing prompts can come from everywhere – they can even come from your own writing!

Diana Wallace Peach, who has several books to her credit and blogs at Myths of the Mirror wrote a brand new story by retelling another story she wrote earlier. The second time around, she told it from the perspective of a different character. Taking her cue from an online site that offers lessons for writers, Diana writes about the challenge to “Retell the 500 word piece from last week using a fresh perspective. If you wrote about the person with the narrator as observer, write about it from the perspective of the observed person. If you wrote in the third person, change to first person. In other words, shift whatever you did 180º . ”

Jill Jepson, author of Writing as a Sacred Path suggests that writers do a “360.”

Jepson says that doing a “360 is an easy, fun, and fascinating exercise that can give your writing new depth and vision. It begins with a single scene. To do a 360, rewrite the scene from each of the different characters’ viewpoints.” That would mean writing as much as 5 times if there are 5 characters or objects in your story. The author says that a “360” can be done in both fiction and non-fiction.

In Wuthering Bites, Susanne Fletcher gets inspiration from the web. She writes poetry and created two wacky characters and  labyrinthine story lines from the words featured daily in dictionary.com. She began in March this year with this vow, “Every day I’m going to crunch one word and work it into a poem, or flash fiction, so that by March 14, 2016 I will have increased my vocabulary by 365 words. Maybe the exercise will bulk me up, give me contours I didn’t expect, and allow me to flex and extend in unforeseen ways. Where will this word come from? Dictionary.com posts a “Word of the Day” which will be the inspiration to work the fat between my ears into something firm and flexible.”

Sometimes, there are days when we feel lazy to look or wait for writing prompts. In days like these, this short advice from Anam Cara Ministries always works for me: “Write until you surprise yourself.”

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  1. Windy Mama says

    Eek! I fell off the word-wagon a while ago because of time-pressures but I’m still inspired by them. The word of the day comes into my e-mail every day and I look at it and think “What would Harry and Lady Smock do with this word?” then life gets in the way. Sigh. Thanks for the shout-out, Rosanna!


    • Susanne, we all fall off the writing wagon every now and then…I guess that’s normal…and life gets in the way every now and then…life likes to do that to us,..maybe someday life will choose to dance with us instead…as for the shout-out, likewise!


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