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Writing from a Different Perspective

Literally writing from a different perspective can add color to our writing, says Jill Jepson: “Writing in a physical position that is unusual for us – and not quite as cozy as our normal posture – can help spur us into a crazy wisdom state.”

This crazy wisdom state, Jepson says, can be achieved by writing while standing up if we’re used to working at a desk or table. Or, write while sitting on the floor, At the very extreme, Jepson says you can write while lying down.

Eric Maisel suggests taking short writing trips during days when we feel uninspired to write at our desk: “You can choose among your excellent haunts and decide which feels most congenial at the moment. By all means maintain a primary writing place; then add alternates.”

 Photo credit:TheBrassGlass via Morguefile


  1. An interesting idea. I tend toward a writing routine so I’m not distracted by the “real” world. I hadn’t considered switching things up a bit.


    • It adds dimension to the writing life, Diana…but then again, I’m not an author like you…but even for journal writing, change of physical perspective makes things more interesting…

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      • I can imagine it does, Rosanna. My personal experiences with journaling have been incredibly powerful and healing. It’s usually the result of a new perspective:)


        • Diana, I strongly feel that if only a quarter of the world’s population would do daily journaling, the world would be totally different…

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