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Friday Web Finds

Another week is ending, and it’s time once more to share some great online discoveries…

I’m not a social media person. I simply don’t get it. My social media know how is close to nil. I do some Facebook once or twice a week, mainly to find interesting articles and posts to read.  I’m grateful that Wordpress incorporated social media buttons in their web designs, so at least my posts automatically get tweeted, and sent to tumblr and LinkedIn. That’s just about it.

If, like me, you can’t find the passion to tweet and do Facebook or Instagram, Why I Abandoned My Social Media Presence  will validate your reluctance to walk down the social media road.

From Dream to Nightmare: John Steinbeck on the Perils of Publicity and the Dark Side of Success chronicles John Steinbeck’s woes about being a public figure.

This  article, which was published by the New York Times, will help you appreciate The Small Happy Life.

And for a weekend poetry fix, head over to hedgegrow.

Happy weekend, all!

Photo credit: Luis Llerena via Unsplash


  1. Windy Mama says

    My husband subscribes to the NY Times on-line and showed me the David Brooks article which is nothing short of brilliant and life-affirming. I’d also read the piece on abandoning social media which absolutely validated my view on Facebook in particular. I am down to 29 “friends” and finally think I can live with it. I don’t feel naked anymore.


    • What synchronicity, Susanne! 2 out of 3 sites in common! And it’s always nice to know I am not alone in my feelings about Facebook.


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