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How I Found My Niche

When I first set up this blog, I was at a loss as far as writing was concerned. This blog was my way of finding my writing self again, after almost a decade of being away from the real world of writing.

I had no expectations when I began posting in this blog – I only knew that I needed to learn much about writing, and this blog would be my way of consolidating my “writing lessons.”

I’ve been learning much, much more now that I’m blogging about what I learn.  Not only that, I have also found my niche – or should I say it found me, since  I didn’t even search for it? It just presented itself to me again and again until I finally recognized it and said “Yes, I have found my writing niche.”

How did I find it? By writing, writing, and writing some more. Everyday, I write on my journals and/or on several private blogs. For the past 2 years I have also been writing for a London-based content creation company. I have written about places I have never been to, commerce and business, lawn mowers, service companies… and so much more.

Some writing gurus frown upon content writing, but I didn’t and don’t care about their misgivings because it was a blast – every batch of assignments was like a ticket and a plane ride to learning adventures.

All that writing  satisfied my curiosity. It also made me realize that although it was fun to learn and write about those things, there were many words and concepts inside me that were asking for expression. This year, I finally decided to end my tryst with content writing and concentrate on giving myself time to explore what lies within.

The decision to post daily on this blog for the entire 2015 was also pivotal because it encouraged me to toy around with writing ideas and to think daily about writing things other than what I write in my journals.

Now I understand why accomplished writers encourage us to write daily, and to write freely. It is only by doing these things –  giving ourselves time to allow words to flow; allowing ourselves to freely explore our inner and outer landscapes; and by making writing an important part of our lives – that we can create a writing life.

The more we inhabit this writing life, the more we learn about ourselves as writers. We find out what it is that we want to write about. We realize what makes us write more. We begin to note whether a piece of writing has made us happy, fulfilled or sad. We write not only on notebooks and blogs, but also on napkins and tickets. When no writing paraphernalia are present, we write in our heads. Writing becomes like breathing.

This is how I created a writing life that now demands more from me. And this is how I found my niche. The challenge for me now is to explore this niche, write, write and write some more.

“The aim of life is to live, and to live means to be aware, joyously, drunkenly, severely, divinely aware.”  — Henry Miller


Photo credit: Luis Llerena via UnSplash


  1. I’m so pleased you found your niche and that I discovered you in that corner of the blogosphere. Love your content that is informative and encourages me to write write and when I’m over it to write some more.

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