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Time is My Friend (a Haibun)

In the past I viewed time from the same perspective as the rest of the world.
I saw time as expendable, limited, and something to grab because it is fleeting.
Things changed when I decided to look at time from a different perspective.

When I decided not to hurry, I discovered an entirely different aspect of time.
I saw that it is limitless. I realized that time is expandable –
it can be stretched to infinity. I learned that we can dance with it.
And time is always there – here, now. It will never disappear – time lasts forever.

holding my breath
I run after that
which has no legs

Time is of the essence, we are told. Time is essence, I now know. Time heals.
Time allows us to unfold our wings. Time waits for us. Time is my friend now.
Time indulges me. It waits for me. I see more clearly when I am not in a hurry.
There are no more marathons for me to run.

photo credit: clockwork gold via photopin (license)


  1. Rosanna, there could not be a more beautiful discovery than that of time being a friend. It is so easy to fear the future and the passing of time, but what bliss to rest in the present moment. I love how you said “we can dance” with time. Cheers to a life of never hurrying 🙂 Hope you are well!


  2. Time is a friend in that it does heal. Certain things take time and we should welcome it for that reason. There are certainly things we can’t or shouldn’t rush.


    • Start slow, take baby steps. Begin by removing from your schedule activities that don’t mean much to you…that will free up some time…


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