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Friday Web Finds

Throughout this blog, I have been posting about writing -how to’s, what-not-to’s, discoveries, benefits…

If you’re still not convinced that writing is good for you, this essay by Gregory Ciotti provides comprehensive data that supports the argument that life is so much better when writing is an integral part of it.

In another essay, Ciotti explains The Under-appreciated Benefits of Creative Consistency, a good read if you are not yet clear on why writing regularly is good for writers.

Jill Jepson writes,”Here is a tasting menu of the advice to writers I’ve read on blogs in the past few months:

  • Write a minimum of 500 words every day.
  • Spend at least ten hours a week on your author’s platform.
  • Post to your blog at least once a week, on the same day and time…

….And there’s more!” No wonder writers and bloggers are pulling their hair.

Jepson gives The One Piece of Advice You’re Probably Not Following: Relax. Please read it if you want to find the path that leads to blissful writing.

Here’s to a blissful Friday.

In our part of the world…

This photo won second place in the recently concluded Rio De Quingua National Photography Competition…


The Piscator by Elmer Nev Valenzuela via Malate


  1. Susanne says

    What a stunning photo. I wonder how he got it from that angle – in a tree?


    • No, Susanne. After his first trip to the river the photographer was not happy with the photos he had taken. So he travelled all the way back to the river and stood on a walkway and waited….


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