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It’ s one  of those days when I don’t know what to write about. Even if I have been blogging daily for the past five and a half months, I haven’t yet gotten into the habit of creating an editorial plan. Which is ironic because when I worked as editor for a children’s magazine for five years, I always had an editorial plan.

I surfed the web for some articles on blogging schedules and of course there were the usual “Top 5, “Top 10,” oh, but this time I didn’t find “the Ultimate Guide to Creating Blogging Schedules.” Have you noticed how so many blog posts have “the Top #” and “the Ultimate” in their blog titles? Those are among the posts I don’t read…at all. It makes me wonder how one person can decide what constitutes the “Top 5” or how something can be “the ultimate.”

As I was writing the first paragraph of this post, I thought it best to create an editorial plan and avoid situations like this one. But now, as I end this post, I choose to allow synchronicity and serendipity to rule. The element of surprise always makes blogging more fulfilling. Besides, by going through dry spells like this one and being able to write inspite of not knowing what to write about makes me realize more fully that “writer’s block” is a myth. It can be your reality if you choose it, but if you just write one word at a time, beginning with how you’re feeling or where you are, the words will flow. At first, the flow could be slow. One…word…at…a…time. But at least, you’re writing! If you keep at it, the words will flow more easily and smoothly as you continue to write.

And before you know it, you’ve written a blog post!


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  1. The key is you’re still exercising discipline by writing anyway. I suppose a “top 5” post could be credible if it’s a pereonal advice or how-to article. I.e. “top five strategies I used to lower my car insurance to zero.”

    It’s inspiring that you post daily. I think your current method is working.


  2. Whatever method you’re using Rosanna seems to have served you well. I’m in awe of how committed you are. I wish my prose flowed from my fingers as yours do, again I’m making awe noises 🙂 Linda

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    • Thanks Linda. It took a while to find my writing center, and blogging certainly helped. I just love writing and had to give it up a decade ago. I guess all those years really whet my appetite for the written word.


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