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Discoveries along the Daily Blogging Path

I have been blogging (almost) daily for six months now. I missed posting for 2 days – one day in March and last week. I remember that day in March when I was so exhausted from work and gave myself a day off from blogging. Last week I missed a day again, on a day when I was so busy I totally forgot about posting.

When I decided to blog daily, I had no idea if it was doable, considering that I have a day job. But six months later, here I am, still blogging daily. It was difficult at first to think of what to post, but as the days passed, daily blogging became easier and easier.

Here are some of the things I have accomplished; a few realizations made; and wonderful discoveries I have stumbled upon after blogging daily for six months:

  • I  am re-discovering my voice
  • I found my niche…and my niche within the niche
  • daily blogging has become a writing practice that helps me develop the discipline to write regularly
  • it helps me develop confidence in writing  and sharing my thoughts, foibles, and discoveries
  • blogging daily provides me the much-needed impetus to develop my writing muscles
  • it continues to inspire me to learn from other bloggers and writers
  • blogging daily makes me a better writer because I no longer fear that what I will post will not make sense

A few days ago, I pondered upon the end of this one year blogging journey. Will I blog daily still? I don’t know. Writing has become a huge part of my life now, and blogging is only a part of that huge part.

For now, I choose to enjoy this challenge and look forward to the next six months.

Here’s to more blogging years for you, me, and Baroness Elizabeth!

Featured photo: Baroness Elisabeth Christiane von Bouwinghausen,
Blogger, after Philipp Friedrich von Hetsch
via photopin (license)


  1. Every day for six months is quite remarkable (even with a couple misses). It’s wonderful that you’ve found your niche and get so much out of the practice. Here’s to another six months!


    • Thanks for the encouragement Diana. I blog very simply compared to you…:-) and I really appreciate your comments and shout-outs:-)

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  2. Rahul says

    Remarkable achievement! Once I wondered why we read biographies of so called “remarkable” people only. Sure, they left huge impact on world events and we are curious to know their thought process. However, I’ve often found solace in reading about “not so remarkable” people. To know that we all share more or less similar thoughts on most issues under the sun, and experience same emotions – is comforting in the sense that we are not “alone”. I have huge respect for people who write, bare their soul and let others bathe in its glory. All the best!


    • Thanks Rahul. I agree with you and I think that that’s the beauty of blogging. We get to read ordinary people’s works, get to know about how they spend their days in the other side of the world. Thank you too for your best wishes and I wish you all the best as well.

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  3. I blog daily too and it’s a good experience. I can relate to all your benefits too. Sometimes I would like to not blog anything / have a day off though, maybe I will be wild and do it 🙂


    • Two days off in six months was ok, but don’t we want to aim for perfection. Still, it’s ok to be wild a few days in a year 🙂

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  4. Absolutely Rosanna, it does get under your skin and like any exercise when you don’t do it, or can’t, you can experience ‘withdrawal’ symptoms. It so gratifying to stick at something no matter what. To have a goal and be disciplined to see it come to pass bring so many benefits: satisfaction, builds confidence, improved skills, establishes routine and habit. Great post L) Linda


    • Yes, Linda. Sometimes I feel lazy, but the fact that I committed makes me go to the computer and write. I don’t know if I will get withdrawal symptoms when the one year is up, but I do know that I will continue to blog for a long time. Thanks for the shout out


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