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Blogging Daily for Six Months – the Statistics

I struggled with this blog post. I wasn’t sure if posting the statistics of this blog would be tantamount to boasting…

…so I decided to be clear on why I want to show the statistics…
…I’m thinking, maybe some of you are wondering if blogging daily makes a difference as far as readership is concerned…
…the statistics show that it does…

…and I hope that showing the graphs may inspire someone to try daily blogging…
…because it can really be a blast…

…so here goes…for whatever it’s worth…

(you may have to click on the Ctrl and + button to enlarge the graph)


blog stats

Comparison of views vs visitors for the past 2 years and six months



Comparison of number of visitors for the past 2 years and six months


…and now I’m wondering…can I really say I’ve been blogging daily?

…you see, there are days in the week when my workload is heavy, so I write the posts in advance and use the WordPress scheduler.

I suppose it’s debatable…but why waste time on debates?

We’re blogging babes and dudes, so let’s just keep on blogging!


gatsby blogger
photo credit: Broadway Blog Babes via photopin (license)





  1. So what’s your summarization concerning results. I read the post and clicked both pics but couldn’t conclude anything. Admittedly, I’m slow when it comes to this. I blogged daily for November 2014 and saw a big spike in readership. That was for NaBloPoMo though, so I benefitted from Blogher’s community of writers and readers.

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  2. I also noticed that increased and steady blogging has increased followers. In addition to writing posts, reading and commenting also makes a difference. I guess I’d summarize my experience as “engage with others and they will engage with you.”

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    • I’m glad you have a good experience with reading and commenting on other people’s blogs, Diana. I feel that a return visit makes for good blogging etiquette and increases one’s number of online friends, so I always make it a point to visit back. You’re right, about the engaging bit

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  3. I would include scheduled posts in my daily day count definitely. I think the graphs indicate that regular blogging pays off whether you’re selling a product or connecting on a more personal level. Either way the stats are irrefutable Rosanna, you’re not far off last year’s total and we’ve got six months left in 2015. Well done. Tenacity and self-discipline are there own rewards … well and those graphs, maybe 🙂 Linda

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  4. Susanne says

    Bravo, Rosanna! I stand in awe of your dedication and the results are clear. As with any job, if you persist good things can happen.


    • Thanks Susanne. I hope the stats inspire someone else to try daily blogging. Well, actually, the stats are just icing on the cake 🙂


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