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Friday Web Finds

Last week, we learned how our bad sleeping habits are affecting our brains. This week, I’d like to share two more articles about sleep.

It would be wonderful to experience the same quality of sleep our paleolithic ancestors enjoyed, but writers may find it difficult. This article from the Washington Post gives the perfect and easy solution if you Want to enjoy the deep, mystical sleep of our ancestors? Turn your lights off at dusk. But wait, this article from BBC News expounds on the The myth of the eight-hour sleep. Perhaps writers can squeeze in some work in between the first and second sleep?

I love journaling and freebies. Here’s the link to a free download of Honor Your Body 30 Day Journal,  If you’re overwhelmed, Overcome the overwhelming stress of life is also free from Jack Hayes.

Here’s to a happy Friday and deep weekend slumbers!





photo credit: The Sleeping Beauty ballet programme cover via photopin (license)


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