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Favorite Books on Writing

Renee Johnson Writes


Writers are foremost readers.  We consume words with voracious appetites.  Books line our walls, collect in corners in ramshackle towers, and cover the tops of our coffee tables.

We just can’t get enough!

Yet, ask any of us where to find our favorites, and there will be a sacred location with erect spines marching across a shelf.  Grabbing any one of the collection is an automatic response, little thought to its specific space given.

That’s a clue we’ve reached for it on numerous occasions, and the reason it occupies a place of honor.

So when another writing friend asked me which books on writing were my personal favorites, I didn’t have far to go to answer.  And while I was selecting my list for her, I thought I would share it with you as well.

Book - Bird by Bird

Anne Lamott’s Bird by Bird has been a favorite of many writers since its publication. …

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