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How to Mix Things Up

It’s hard for me to understand why some writers consider writing to be a hard, lonely job. The more I study the craft, the more I feel blessed.

Blogging about writing has helped improve my writing in so many ways. It has also encouraged me to explore the many facets of this dynamic craft. Blogging here has paved the way for a tremendous growth spurt in my writing life.

But growth spurts require lots of energy and time. And sometimes, something just has to give…way…


When I’m at a crossroads I like to mix things up a bit and inject some fun and play.  It makes the decision-making process easier.

To lighten things up, I copied the text in the first part of this blog post and mixed them up with the Cut-Up Machine. Since there’s no way to highlight text in WordPress, I just changed the colors of the words and phrases that stood out. I can now use these colored texts as touch points and guideposts as I stand on the crossroads and make a decision.


The Cut-Up Prose

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Curious about the history of the cut-up technique?

“A precedent of the technique occurred during a Dadaist rally in the 1920s in which Tristan Tzara offered to create a poem on the spot by pulling words at random from a hat. Collage, which was popularized roughly contemporaneously with the Surrealist movement, sometimes incorporated texts such as newspapers or brochures. Prior to this event, the technique had been published in an issue of 391 in the poem by Tzara, dada manifesto on feeble love and bitter love under the sub-title, TO MAKE A DADAIST POEM.”  click here to read more and use the cut-up machine!



Featured photo by: Always Writing via photopin (license)


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