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How to Find Your Writing Niche (5/5)

My explorations of writing niches led me to two final discoveries – a writing niche in my head, and another in my heart.

We all face the resistance to write because of messages from our ego, which many writers call the inner critic. The ego says we’re not good enough; why write when no one will read what you write? The ego will remind us that there are so many, many good writers out there, what chance do you have of making it in the writing world? Zero.

This is one of the biggest hurdles we as humans have to face: the ego’s control. Spiritual masters tell us we must conquer the ego and make it serve us instead of us being subservient to it. The ego’s propensity to dominate is not present only in aspiring writers – every human being is subjected to the ego’s desire to be in control.

Exploring the concept of a writing niche made me realize that if I am to continue writing, I need to silence the voice in my head that says there are so many good writers in this world, and it will be a complete waste of time for me to continue writing. Spiritual masters, psychologists, even famous writers offer various ways to square off with the ego. I had my own way and it took sometime, but finally, I reached a point when I knew in my head that I had every right to write. I was finally able to establish a writing niche in my head – one that the ego recognized and respected.

A writing niche in one’s heart is easier to find or discover. Just feel the love that you have for writing. Feel it to the core of your bones each time you write a poem, flash fiction, flash memoir or a haibun. Savor the feeling. Feel it and you will soon find that there, in the center of your heart is a love for writing so great that it will make you want to wake up each morning and write. When you feel that way, you will have found the writing niche in your heart and in your life.

I hope that this short series on finding your writing niche helped you in some way or another. Finding my writing niches have made a huge difference in my life. It enabled me to carve out and create a writing life. I wish the same for all of you.


  1. What a lovely end to your series, Rosanna, and how true to experience for all artists. I’m glad you found your niche and are sharing it with the world. Happy writing!


    • Thanks again Diana. Finding one’s niche is just the beginning. The rest is a lot of work which could be a lot of fun. I know that YOU have fun when you’re writing!

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  2. It has been a poignant series Rosanna digging just deep enough to provoke honest reflection in the searcher for the meaning of writing in one’s life as well as the place it holds in our hearts. For me that part of the series where you speak of allowing things to mull and muse and simply rest until it has matured was powerful. I am coming across that sage advice in all the places I search … 🙂 Linda


  3. I’m so glad you got something good out of the series, Linda. I hope that digging deep and allowing things to percolate and blossom will work well for you – not only in your writing, but in all aspects of your life as well.


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