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Great Resources for Writers (All Free!)

I am still in the process of redesigning my writing life which is a natural offshoot of the process of digging deep to discover my authentic self.  Along the way, I’ve found some great and free resources for writers – treasures discovered during the search for the components of a renewed writing life: a new writing path, a new writing routine and a writing community. I’m sharing these great finds with all of you:

In a few days, on October 14, tweetspeak will launch its next book club discussion, which will focus on Kroeker and Craig’s On Being a Writer.

A sustainable writing life is built from more than the construction of sentences and paragraphs; it emerges from the slow accumulation of days and years
lived intentionally through the habits of 
the writer.

—Kroeker and Craig, On Being a Writer

You can either buy the book from Amazon or download a free copy so you can join in the discussion. To find out more about this and join the book club, visit tweetspeak.

Writer and editor Andi Cumbo-Floyd runs a free writing community in Facebook.

Feel a bit isolated in your writing life? Eager to get some encouraging but specific feedback on your work in progress? Want a bit of accountability in your writing life? Join my Writing Community to connect with me and other writers in an atmosphere of accountability, support, and encouragement. – Andi 

Aside from encouraging writers to set goals, Andi also shares writing nuggets, useful links and other precious finds in her facebook – based writing community. To join, fill up the form in this page.

David Ursillo has reopened his private writing community, The Literati Writers. David charges a monthly membership fee, but you can avail of the free 30-day trial membership.

My private membership writing community, The Literati Writers, is a year-round support system that helps writers fall in love with their words, once and for all. – David

Click on this link to redeem your free month or receive a free 8-day writing program via email.

Another great gift from Andi Cumbo Floyd and her two writer friends: They have combined their books into a single free download (for a limited time only):

I know many of you are voracious readers, too, so do I have a deal for you.  Right now, my dear friends Ed Cyzewski, Shawn Smucker, and I have combined three of our titles into one FREE collection on writing.  Ed’s book Pray, Write, Grow got me back to a daily practice of reading in the morning and reminds me that the work of prayer lies parallel to the work of writing.  Shawn’s book Building a Life Out of Words tells the compelling story of how he came to be a full-time writer and includes chapters from other writers, including me, about how we’ve built a life around writing. To get your free copy, just follow this link – Andi

I hope you’ll give some of these discoveries a try…

… and here’s to a great writing journey!


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