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When Life Interrupts

Sitting down to write won’t just happen;
you have to resolve to make it happen.

                                                                                                                 -Nan Merrick Phifer

What does one do when the flow of words suddenly stops, when life interrupts our regular writing practice with an illness?

That happened to me a week ago, when I was debilitated by a bout with intestinal flu. Suddenly, my regular journaling practice and memoir writing hour did not happen – there was simply no interest on my part to get up from bed and write. And that went on for a week.

All we can do at times like these is to stop, heal and know that all will be well again. Life interrupts us in various ways, depending on the circumstances of our lives. But this much I am sure of: If you have dedicated time and energy in establishing a daily writing habit, no matter how long the interruption lasts, it will be easy to go back to writing again. You will feel a certain ache or itch that will lead you right  back to the page.

When writing has become a habit, life’s interruptions will serve only as a short or long hiatus from the craft. Even when you’re not writing because you can’t – no matter what the reason – you’ll find yourself thinking of the time when you can write again. It will feel as though you are far away from something you love, and the aching to go back will be palpable.

 Two or three things I know for sure,
and one of them is that to go on living I have to tell stories,
that stories are the one sure way
I know to touch the heart and change the world.

                                                                                                                – Dorothy Allison

If the interruption is in the form of brain constriction – if you feel stumped and at a loss for ideas or if the words simply won’t come, take heart. Psychologist have discovered the secret to beating creative blocks – yes, and they tell you how in this short video. Watch it and discover how simple it is to deal with those so-called creative blocks.

Need more ways to banish those blocks forever? Here’s what Google Ventures discovered about sketching (similar to clustering and mind-mapping) and how it can be used to unlock those great ideas hidden within the various cortices of our brains.


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Featured photo by Dikaseva via Unsplash



  1. Jasmine Wilborne says

    Thank you for writing this.

    I have been away from writing for 10-days and it felt like forever.

    My daily habit and rhythm was messed up and I couldn’t find the power to get up in the morning and write. I am back now, and I am really happy, but still feeling like what I am writing isn’t that exciting haha. Oh well. The less-terrible- first draft comes with its downfalls.

    Liked by 1 person

    • I’m happy that you’re back to writing again, Jasmine. And even happier that you have found the joy that writing brings. We seem to be on the same boat – I think that the stories I have to say have enough drama to attract readers. Still, I continue to write because of my love for writing, and because writing has transformed my life in so many ways. Write on, Girl!


  2. This is brilliant. It just happened to hit me at a stage where I needed it to as well. I’d fallen out of the writing tree for quite some time also. I’ve just re-shuffled my whole blog – a new redesign, all the old posts have been trashed – and I’ve put up my first new post in 2 years, yet completely un-confident and unhappy with it (probably because I’ve been away from writing for so long).
    BUT! The feeling that writing it brought me was irreplaceable. I finally have that beautiful outlet back and I’m not letting go.
    Love this post. Thank you.


    • Thank you for visiting! I’m glad you are back to writing – we all fall off the writing tree every now and then. I’ve visited your blog and I do suggest you keep writing. Your passion for writing shows in your posts. I hope that the
      satisfaction you get from writing will inspire you to write more.


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