Year: 2017

SIMPLICITY: On Traveling Light by Philip Harnden — The Value of Sparrows

It’s been a while since my last post. Finishing the first draft of my memoir was life-changing and I decided to give myself more time and space to allow the changes to happen. I had no idea that writing one’s memoir could be so transformative. Next year, I promise to write more about the process. In the meantime, I’d like to share this post from  The Value of Sparrows, a blog that I follow. Along with my wishes for a Merry Christmas for all of you, my prayer is that each one of us will be able to travel light next year!   From Journeys of Simplicity Twelve hundred years ago in China a middle-aged man named P’ang Yün loaded everything he owned onto a boat and sank it all in the Tung’t’ing Lake. After that, we are told, “He lived like a single leaf.” See him there in the early morning, treading water in the middle of […] via SIMPLICITY: On Traveling Light by Philip Harnden — The Value of Sparrows

From First Draft to Second Draft – and the huge gap in between

“Writing is not measured in page counts, I now believe, any more than a writer is defined by publication credits. To be a writer is to make a commitment to the long haul, as one does (especially as one gets older) to keeping fit and healthy for as long a run as possible.”   – Bill Hayes   Once again,  I’m back after a lengthy absence. I don’t know if this is what normally happens to someone who tries to write a memoir, but somehow it happened to me: after resurrecting with one blog post, the blogging life again took a back seat to the point that I forgot all about it. As for the memoir, after finishing the first draft and reconnecting the dots in my life that were erased over the years, I could not find any reason why I should write a second draft. Writing the first draft was fun and meaningful but it was also stressful. It was fun because of the wonderful memories that  bubbled out of my psyche.  It was …

The First Draft: fodder for the writing process

“Make writing your practice. If you commit to it, writing will take you as deep as Zen.” Katagiri Roshi   It’s been a very long while – several months- since my last blog post. Although I had not blogged, I had been actively creating word art and exploring many writing avenues.  Writing the first draft of my memoir was a very therapeutic and eye-opening experience. As I mentioned in a previous post, memoir writing was like an exercise in connecting the dots that were my life experiences. It was at the same time therapeutic and draining, because the energy that came along with the memories demanded to be written, no matter if the body was tired from the day’s work.  Connecting the dots of my life also showed me that there were a few missing dots-those pursuits and interests that I had put aside to give way to a life dedicated to helping others heal themselves. So after the first draft was written, I felt it was time to give the memoir a vacation and …