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Friday Web Finds

Time to share some great finds… This may be of interest to this blog’s readers from the U.S – a post about The Most Popular Book Set in Each State — in One Surprising Map. Ever wondered why it’s hard to get up in the morning? Well,Scientists May Have Figured Out Why It’s So Hard to Get Out of Bed in the Morning! Lastly, here’s how you can Use a Writer’s Notebook to Inspire Your Craft. Have a Beautiful Friday everyone! Photo credit: Michelle Bulgaria via Morguefile

Some Books on Writing

Here is a list of some wonderful general writing books and nonfiction writing books which have helped me greatly.  I come back to the pages of these books every now and then. General:                                         On Writing Well by William Zinsser The Right to Write , An Invitation and Initiation into the Writing Life by Julia Cameron    Writing as a Sacred Path,  A Practical Guide to Writing with Purpose and Passion by Jill Jepson       Writing Open the Mind, Tapping the Subconscious to Free the Writing and Writer by Andy Couturier                                      On Being A Writer edited by Bill Strickland Zen in the Art of Writing, Releasing the Creative Genius Within You Ray Bradbury     Poetry Finding What You Didn’t Lose, Expressing Your Truth and Creativity Through Poem-Making by John Fox                      …