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On a Clear Day You Can Create Your Writing Commandments

  It’s a beautiful summer day here in the Philippines. The intense heat had been tamed by thunderstorms a couple of days ago that caught many people unaware. Unprepared as they were for the sudden downpour, many went home soaking wet. The sky is azure, almost cloudless. I have been working on knowing the names of the color variants, in an attempt to improve my skill at writing good descriptions. My favorite color had always been blue green – that’s the name I learned when I was in grade school. Today I learned it’s called teal blue. My computer table faces a wall with three windows and I can see the Heleconia plant – all in full bloom. An occasional sparrow flies by, pecking on its dried leaves, flying away with more materials to build its nest. Summer is when the birds seem to be busiest. If I’m lucky I see a sunbird poking its long beak into the Heleconia blossoms. Flocks of Pied Fantail emerge at various times of the day, squawking and sometimes I witness …

Friday Web Finds

    This week, I learned a new Poetic Form: the Pantoum.  It’s a poem composed of four-line stanzas. The difference is that the second and fourth lines of each stanza are used as the first and third stanza of the next stanza. Sounds confusing? Here’s a sample: I listened and heard the trees Singing with the birds The sun shone brightly, dancing merrily As nature’s music played. Singing with the birds I felt my heart skip As nature’s music played; Life seemed so grand I felt my heart skip As nature welcomed me warmly Life seemed so grand, I couldn’t ask for anything more.   The Paris Review features an interview with Henry Miller, on The Art of Fiction. And if you’re still trying to begin a writing habit, you may want to read From Commitment to Writing Habit .     Photo credit: Joanna Kosinska via Unsplash