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Kimberly Snow on Writing

I have read and re-read this paragraph many times. It is one of the most eloquent and succinct piece on writing that I have read: “Writing releases us into a timeless world where all things are possible. Through the play of our imagination, we gain the power to expand our limits, to integrate change and to guide our personal growth. In this magical realm, we can reclaim past events, retrieve former selves, live out what almost was, what could have been. Through writing and visualization, we are able to develop a personal language that fills out the hollows and blank spaces in our lives, to make sense of and give reality to our experience. In this private arena where conscious and unconscious meet and interact, we are granted a unique opportunity to negotiate peace settlements between inner and outer, between self and other. In short, to create and maintain core happiness thorough a time-honored method that is not only free but non-caloric as well.” – Kimberly Snow in Writing Yourself Awake: Meditation and Creativity