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From Blogging to Writing a First Draft

When I started this blog on April 1, 2013, it didn’t occur to me that it was April Fool’s day because I was so determined to create a blog focused on writing. Prior to this blog, I had another one, where I wrote about various things. I changed the name of that blog several times over the course of two years because I was not sure what I wanted to write about. I finally closed that blog after I realized that what I really wanted to do was to learn how to write again – and differently this time around.  I decided to blog about my writing journey as a way of forcing myself to keep on learning about writing even as I continued to work as an energy therapist. It wasn’t hard to think of things to write. I simply put on the same thinking cap I used when I worked as a feature writer. Joining blogging events also helped me stay on the blogging track and learn from other bloggers. The more I blogged, the more I …

To Memoir or Not to Memoir

A memoir is a series of moments. In order to bring these moments to life, it is necessary to create scenes that capture and communicate the physical reality of the chosen moments. — Mark Matousek   The online memoir class I attended ended a few weeks ago. Thankfully though, the teacher listened to our pleas and have set up a check-in webinar. I enrolled in the memoir class because the nagging book project has not materialized at all. A couple of years ago, I heard the call to write a book.  I told our teacher that I was literally dragging myself to memoir class because honestly, things are good in my life now and I see no need nor purpose to write a book. If I could just silence this calling… I was fortunate to have a very patient and astute teacher. Inspite of my reluctance, I am one of those who signed up for the check-in in early December. Which means that I have been trying to write the first drafts of a few life …

Friday Web Finds

Sleep is one of the key ingredients to a healthy life. Needless to say, writers need sleep just like everyone else. If you’re suffering from writer’s block, examine your sleeping habits. We may not be aware of it, but Our poor sleeping habits are filling our brains with neurotoxins. If you’re one of those writers missing sleep because you want to finish writing a book in one year, listen to Louise Desalvo, author of the art of Slow Writing: she presents 10 Famous Authors Who Prove That Slowing Down Is Always Worthwhile. If memoir is your thing, William Zinsser writes on How to Write a Memoir. His advice: “Be yourself, speak freely, and think small.” Featured Photo: Punta Malabrigo by Elmer Nev Valenzuela