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Journaling as Spiritual Practice

  “For much of my own life, journal writing has been an important act of soul centering. Initially unaware of my journal’s spiritual purpose, I later fiercely claimed this writing as a spiritual practice when I realized my journal pages had become a kind of chapel for me, an intimate place that I frequented to whisper my gratitude, praise, and laments, and even, at times, a petition or two.” -Karen Hering in Writing to Wake the Soul: Opening the Sacred Conversation Within       photo credit: 2015-03-06g A path to keeping a diary — index card #writing #journaling #diary via photopin (license)

Come to the Center

Come to the center of your being on a daily basis. Gather strength from these moments of powerful prayer. Invoke your highest good. Give yourself the opportunity to open up to more aspects of your BEing.   –  Notecards from the Soul, by Rosanna C. Rogacion

A New Word for the New Year

Originally posted on A Soultender's Journal:
Asking for a word that would provide the direction for one’s life has been a tradition since the time mystics fled to the deserts and mountains to seek enlightenment. These mystics, known as the Desert Fathers and Desert Mothers, were visited by many people who sought their guidance. The practice of asking for a word is closely related to Lectio Divina, an ancient way of praying practiced by Christians. Lectio Divina involves pondering upon a word or phrase from Scripture with the aim of attaining union with God. I never developed the habit of making New Year’s resolutions – it just didn’t appeal to me at all even when I was young. But last year, when I heard of this ancient tradition of asking for a word, I knew it was for me. Thus, I asked for a word, and it flowed to me. The word Peregrinatio was a revelation, and through the days and months, it defined, explained, gave purpose and identified many aspects in my life,…