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Prayers for Writers

  Prayer of a Writer  Lord of all things, whose wondrous gifts to man Include the shining symbols known as words  Grant that I may use their mighty power only for good. Help me to pass on Small fragments of Your wisdom, truth, and love. Teach me to touch the unseen, lonely heart With laughter, or the quick release of tears. Let me portray the courage that endures, Defiant in the face of pain or death; The kindness and the gentleness of those Who fight against the anger of the world; The beauty hidden in the smallest things; The mystery, the wonder of it all…. Open my ears, my eyes; unlock my heart. Speak through me Lord, if it be Your will.  Amen                                                                                                   –  Arthur Gordon A Writer’s Prayer …

The Self

Home in this world is my Self. The Self that houses the spark of God’s divinity. My Self, my Soul, where the Holy of Holies resides. It is that which is easily obscured from sight; that which is drowned in the din of materialism. But if I can see this sacred vessel within me I will be able to appreciate its presence in others, in animals, and in all things. And then I shall be free.                                                                                        -2014     The sea turned red with the blood of 250 pilot whales slaughtered in the Faroe Islands in Denmark…but the carnage continues and more whales will be slaughtered.

Paths Along the Journey

Life presents us with many paths along our journey. Sometimes the pathways are lovely and make us feel good. Some paths are rugged and look hard to traverse; while others are just – well, ok. When we are presented with a new path, life asks us to make decisions. Do we proceed along the path we are currently treading or do we stop and take the new one being presented to us? It is always easier to go down the familiar road, but the fact that we are being presented with a new path means that we are up to the challenge of exploring a new journey, a new way of Being. The next time a new pathway appears before you, know that you are being presented with the prospect of a new journey – and that you have everything you need to face the challenges presented by the new path. Everything you need is within you. Photo courtesy of Morguefile

A Listening Walk

    This morning I took a Listening Walk. I love to take walks but this is the first time I paid attention to the sounds as I walked. I had always been a “visual” walker, and it was such a different experience to be an “auditory” walker. This Holy Week, I promised myself I would take a Listening Walk everyday until Easter. The idea for the Listening Walk came from a children’s book, The Listening Walk  by Paul Showers.  I Like to take walks, I take walks with my father and our dog. Our dog is called Major. He is an old dog and he does not walk very fast. We go down the street and we do not talk. My father puts his hands in his pockets and thinks. Major walks ahead and sniffs. I keep still and listen. I call this a Listening Walk. On a Listening Walk I do not talk. I listen to all the different sounds.  I hear many different sounds when I do not talk.     You can …

Friday Web Finds: Writing as a Form of Prayer

Since the beginning of the Lenten season, I had been looking for ways on how I could commemorate it differently. My search has led me to some websites that discuss writing as a form of prayer. In an interview published by the Wall Street Journal, novelist Ruth Ozeki said that Writing Is ‘a Form of Prayer.  In Writing as a Form of Prayer  novelist Gail Goodwin wrote,  “When you write as much as I do, and when you have been “undertaking God” for as long as I have, there is no way that writing can escape becoming a form of prayer.” In Writing as Prayer,  Laura Boggess says, “Writing is a candle for me—a reminder of the sacred in the mundane.” In a guest post, Author Ed Cyzewski wrote, “While my prayer and writing stand apart as distinct practices, they blend together and support each other. There is no sacred and secular. There’s just life, and both practices work together.” If you are looking for prayers for writers, you’ll find a couple of prayers in this …


Far from the turmoil that now hounds the earth is a state of BEing – a peaceful place available to everyone. It is far because people have distanced themselves from matters of Spirit. Life goes on as though the material world is all there is. Many have and continue to listen to the stirrings of Spirit, but they often find it difficult to reach higher levels of soul communication because of the trappings of the material world. It is when the spirit of Love pervades that one is able to successfully transcend the temptations of the material. Nowhere is there a place more perfect than this – the state of BEing.  — from Lights Along Our Path photo credit: Love to all my contacts* via photopin (license)

Dancing a Slow Dance

I feel like I’m dancing a slow dance. Priorities fall away one by one and I am left with one task at hand, and then another, and another. No multitasking, no running after time. It is a strange place, a landscape heretofore unknown. But I like being here, dancing to a slow tempo that allows the body to really feel life’s melody, and the spirit to relish every step. In this kind of life there is no need to rush, simplicity is the norm and wants and needs fall by the wayside. This is the life that Zen inspires. Many, many years ago I began to practice Zazen, which is basically the study of the self – a form of meditation that is very much at the heart of Zen practice. Zazen was life changing for me, and it has taken all these years to reach the pinnacle of this journey. And now the challenge is to find out how this new way of BEing can be applied to writing. In the Writing Life, Annie Dillard wrote: A …

Come to the Center

Come to the center of your being on a daily basis. Gather strength from these moments of powerful prayer. Invoke your highest good. Give yourself the opportunity to open up to more aspects of your BEing.   –  Notecards from the Soul, by Rosanna C. Rogacion

Slowing Down

After the flurry of activities, life deliberately provides us with opportunities to slow down and rest. If we have learned to move our focus away from the call of the material world, we are able to enjoy this time. Life ceases to be a race and begins to take on the pace of a sweet, slow dance.  

Writing is an Act of Courage

  “Writing, therefore, is also an act of courage. How much easier is it to lead an unexamined life than to confront yourself on the page? How much easier is it to surrender to materialism or cynicism or to a hundred other ways of life that are, in fact, ways to hide from life and from our fears? When we write, we resist the facile seduction of these simpler roads. We insist on finding out and declaring the truths that we find and we dare to put those truths on the page. “To get ideas and to write well, you have to risk opening yourself.” photo credit: dietmut via photopin cc

Writing as an Act of Hope

  Jack Heffron in The Writer’s Idea Book wrote: “Writing is an act of hope. “It is a means of carving order from chaos, of challenging one’s own beliefs and assumptions of facing the world with eyes and heart wide open. through writing, we declare a personal identity amid faceless anonymity. We find purpose and beauty and meaning even when the rational mind argues that none of these exist.” Have a blessed Sunday… Photo courtesy of pippalou

Sunday’s Blessings: Pope Francis on Real Love

“Real love is about loving and letting yourself be loved. It’s harder to let yourself be loved than to love. That is why it is so difficult to come to the perfect love of God. We can love Him but we must let ourselves be loved by Him. Real love is being open to the love that comes to you. The love that surprises us. If you only have information you are not surprised. Love surprises because it opens a dialogue of loving and being loved. God is a God of surprise because He loved us first. God awaits us to surprise us. Let us allow ourselves to be surprised by God. Let us not have a computer psychology that makes us think we know it all. All answers on computers – but no surprises. The challenge of love. God reveals himself through surprises.” —Pope Francis, in an impromptu speech delivered at the Univeristy of Santo Tomas in Manila on January 17, 2015 photo credit: Kris Krug via photopin cc

Turning Aside

All monastic life centers around silence and solitude. These twin blessings are also the essence of a writer’s life. Writers need silence and solitude in huge chunks.  However, in an increasingly noisy world dominated by cell phones, mp3s, tablets and social media, we are barraged by constant stimulation. The renowned psychologist Wayne Edward Oates developed a technique called turning aside, which helps one find silence within even in the midst of turbulence. Turning aside means removing your focus from the chaos around you and shifting your focus upon a small object. Giving the small object your hundred percent attention trains the mind to shut off all the noise and chaos around you, and in time all that will matter to you will be the object of your focus. It is as though the noisy world simply recedes into the background. This exercise can be done anywhere and at anytime. It’s a great exercise for writers. I’ve practiced turning aside for many years. My brother taught me how to shut off the noise around me and fully focus on my intention or …

A New Word for the New Year

Originally posted on A Soultender's Journal:
Asking for a word that would provide the direction for one’s life has been a tradition since the time mystics fled to the deserts and mountains to seek enlightenment. These mystics, known as the Desert Fathers and Desert Mothers, were visited by many people who sought their guidance. The practice of asking for a word is closely related to Lectio Divina, an ancient way of praying practiced by Christians. Lectio Divina involves pondering upon a word or phrase from Scripture with the aim of attaining union with God. I never developed the habit of making New Year’s resolutions – it just didn’t appeal to me at all even when I was young. But last year, when I heard of this ancient tradition of asking for a word, I knew it was for me. Thus, I asked for a word, and it flowed to me. The word Peregrinatio was a revelation, and through the days and months, it defined, explained, gave purpose and identified many aspects in my life,…

Praying through the Storms in Our Lives

All over our country -the Philippines- the atmosphere reverberates with prayers as millions and millions of Filipinos continue to pray over the weekend. The Philippines is the third largest Catholic country in the world, and millions of Filipinos head for the churches on Sundays. This Sunday though, some of the churches in 47 of the country’s 81 provinces are serving a different purpose, and people are praying specifically for their safety. Thousands have flocked to churches which are stable and sturdy enough to withstand the fury of Typhoon Hagupit. “The strongest storm of the year anywhere on the planet is zeroing in on the Philippines,” a CNN broadcaster announced, “and we’re talking about Super Typhoon Hagupit,” she explained. Foreign correspondents have begun arriving since a few days ago to cover the arrival, stay and departure of Hagupit, which has made its first landfall late Saturday evening. On November last year, millions of Filipinos prayed that they would be spared from the fury of Super Typhoon Haiyan, which, according to meteorologist Jeff Masters, was the strongest typhoon to ever make …

Simply Blossom

  The small, fragrant white blossom is the national flower of the Philippines. The sampaguita (jasminum sambac) is a hardy shrub with a multitude of blossoms at any given time.  As a young plant, the sampaguita is fragile and the blossoms oftentimes appear singly. A single, tiny flower the size of a big coin looks lonely. I couldn’t help but feel how we too, sometimes look lonely when we are alone.  When our size, color or lonesome state calls attention, we feel vulnerable and fragile. This tiny flower is so fragrant, that even if there is only one blossom, there’s a hint of its fragrance when the wind blows. We can be like that too, no matter how different we are from the rest, no matter how small we feel – or how alone we seem to be.  When we are true to ourselves and allow ourselves to be, we will simply blossom.

Meditation, Life and Tea

Drink your tea slowly and reverently, As if it is the axis on which the whole world revolves — Slowly, evenly, without rushing to the future. Live the actual moment. Only this moment is life. – Thich Nhat Hanh The best state of mind in which to drink tea is one of deep meditation. The second best is while looking at a beautiful landscape or listening to music. The third best is sharing a stimulating conversation. In all cases, it is necessary to aspire toward a quiet and tranquil frame of mind. – attributed to Chinese Zen Master Paichanng

Possibilities Often Missed

I almost missed seeing these fruits on a tree. I was walking a path that led to a tourist facility, and like everyone else, was focused on getting there. The sideshows presented by the trees went unnoticed.. My attention was drawn to these fruits only when three boys began to play beside the tree. Life dishes out so many opportunities that are ripe with possibilities – for peace, joy, comfort, solace…all the good things that could nourish the soul.  But we often miss seeing these opportunities because we are too caught up with the frivolities of the material world. Nature has so much to offer us, to teach us. May we all find more moments and images that would help us slow down and enjoy life in a more soulful way.

Sunday”s Blessings

Originally posted on A Soultender's Journal:
Concentrate on the goal of meditation. Do not listen with your ear, but listen with your mind; not with your mind but listen with your breath. Let hearing stop with your ear, let the mind stop with its images. Breathing means to empty oneself and to wait for Tao. -Chuang Tzu ? Think of it – we are being told that through breathing, we can awaken to a transcendent level of consciousness and merge with the universe. What could be easier than breathing? Who doesn’t do it? Yet we are afraid to breathe – to really let the universe in and ourselves out. To do so, we must give up control. We must stop breathing and let the universe breathe through us. We must trust things as they are. So it is with cultivating the Tao in every aspect of our lives. We must stop doing and let the universe do us. -Laurence G. Boldt in the Tao of Abundance ? ?

Sunday’s Blessings

Originally posted on A Soultender's Journal:
Life presents us with many paths along our journey. Sometimes the pathways are lovely and make us feel good. Some pathways are are rugged and look hard to traverse; while others are just – well, ok. When we are presented with a new pathway, life asks us to make decisions. Do we proceed along the path we are currently treading or do we stop and take the new one being presented to us? It is almost always easier to go down the familiar road, but the fact that we are being presented with a new pathway means that we are up to the challenge of exploring a new journey, a new way of Being. The next time a new pathway appears before you, know that you are being presented with the prospect of a new journey – and that you have everything you need to face the challenges presented by the new path. Everything you need is within you. ?

Web Finds

It’s been raining here in my part of the world – the kind of “rainy” that makes one want to cuddle up in bed and sleep all day. Nothing dramatic, just very cloudy days with intermittent rain and showers. Life somehow takes on a different hue when it’s raining – things just seem to be quieter, the days are cooler and the plants are so much greener. This week I’d like to share some web finds with all of you. A few free but great finds which I hope you will all enjoy. A really great find is Jill Jepson’s website where she offers to send weekly strategies for writers. I’ve been receiving her emails for sometime now and highly recommend you try it out. If you want to receive her weekly strategies for writers, please fill up this form. I’ve written several posts with reference to Mark Matousek. Aside from being a bestselling author, Mark is a very generous person. I attended one of his online courses and he continues to ask us, his ex-students …

Journaling to Free the Soul

I am now writing on a light-weight, unlined journal. In an earlier blog post, I wrote about moving away from spiral, lined notebooks because I felt the need for change. It wasn’t until I opened the new unlined journal that I realized that there is an advantage to writing on the same type of notebooks. When I first opened the new journal to write an entry, my mind went as blank as the page that was staring back at me – it was as though my mind didn’t know what to do with the blank page. I am also a trying-to-be painter and I usually doodle and play around with paint on drawing books or drawing pads. Thus, when I opened the unlined journal, my mind couldn’t decide whether I would write or draw. Julia Cameron, in The Right to Write, tells us to begin where we are. I tried that and although it took a while before I was able to write anything, eventually I began writing…I wrote the date on the lower right …

Emerging from the Shadows: Lessons from the survivors of Haiyan

It is cold and dry here in our part of the Philippines – December thru February are the coldest months in this country, when the amihan or trade winds blow through the archipelago, and the cold northeast wind makes life pleasant especially during the day. But the world’s climate is truly changing, because in the two other main islands of our country, there has been rain, a typhoon and much flooding. The very same areas – central Visayas – that had been devastated by super typhoon Haiyan last November, and Mindanao, which was hit by category 5 typhoon Bopha in December of 2012 had been once again inundated, when they too, should have been enjoying the cool and dry northeast winds. Filipinos in the island of Luzon are enjoying the blessings of the trade winds, while our countrymen down south are continually challenged by nature. It is such a paradox, and a few days ago, I wondered if it was right to enjoy our blessings while others so close to home are having such a …

Free Teleseminar: Freeing Your Soul Through Writing

Bestselling spiritual writer, teacher, and speaker Mark Matousek will be featured in a free teleseminar on Wednesday, January 15, 2014 at  5:30pm US Pacific / 8:30pm US Eastern time. Matousek uses self-inquiry and life writing as a means to achieve personal awakening and creative excellence.  If you can’t join in on the live teleseminar, you will receive an audio recording if you register here. Here’s a copy of the synopsis for the teleseminar: Do you feel liberated by pouring your heart’s deepest truths into a journal? Do you turn to writing as a way to free yourself from old stories, clear negative emotions and open to your higher wisdom? If so, you’re not alone. Our intimate writings are far more than “just” a diary; they can be a powerful spiritual practice that frees us from stuck energies, old ideas and stagnant visions. They can be a gateway to our soul’s liberation. It is time for writing to take a respected place of honor among more venerated spiritual practices like meditation and prayer. Indeed, there is …

Thriving in the Most Unlikely Places

Without any effort from humans, this plant sprouted from a crack between our concrete fence and the floor near our garage.  I have always marveled at how plants can grow in the most unlikely places.  And they don’t just grow – they bloom and multiply. It is past midnight in the Philippines.  I had planned to stay up late to do some work, because we don’t know what tomorrow will be like. I drank two cups of tea to keep me awake and as soon as I finished my second cup, the lights went off…then it came back on…went off…on again and then…it just stayed pitch dark. The rain poured. Yesterday, I wrote in my journal, “Rain in November, God is watering the plants.” The rainy season in the Philippines ends in October. Tonight, after the lights went off and the rain poured, I carefully went about the task of lighting candles around the living room as the other members of the family lit candles in their bedrooms.  I don’t know what was going on …

The gift of time

Time is endless, it lasts forever. Why do we oftentimes run out of time? We squander time when we are not present where we are. Mindfulness is an art that we all can learn.  Mindfulness allows us to enjoy the freedom of time. When we are mindful, we experience time. Once we choose to experience time, it lovingly stretches to embrace us.  It unfolds and expands and we find that we have all the time we need, we just don’t know it. Time is not expendable. It is not limited. If you can dance with time, it can be stretched to infinity. Time is always here, it will never disappear, so there is no need to grab it. Time is of the essence, we are told. Time is essence, I now know. Time heals, time allows us to unfold our wings. Time is our friend. When we choose to be mindful,  time indulges us, and time waits for us.

We are part of the organic whole

“Once we not only recognize but experience ourselves as inseparable parts of the organic whole, it’s no longer possible to make excuses for our indulgent and destructive lifestyles, to accept the dispiriting domestication or complete extinction of other life forms.  When we feel the earth as an integral and continuous part of ourselves, we no longer protect the dying rainforests as a botanical source for medicines or as a “scenic resource,” as something other than us. We know them deeply and completely.  They are our lungs – to save them is to save ourselves.  And as they are the lungs of the planet, we are the conscience.” – Jesse Wolf Hardin/Lone Wolf Circles

Join the Two-Page a Day Writing Challenge

Spiritual Writers Network is sponsoring a two-page a day writing challenge, which begins on September 1 and ends December 31.  That’s a total of 122 days and if you write an average manuscript page consisting of 200-250 words, you would have a complete manuscript by the end of the year! I’ve joined this challenge mainly because I realized just recently that my writing persona has changed through the years, and from being a feature writer, I want to focus on spiritual writing.  Join us! HOW IT WORKS: On September 1st we will all start the Two-Page-a-Day challenge together.  Be sure to join this event NOW so you will be reminded to start writing on September 1st. (Late-comers will be welcome to join at any time but they will have to spend some extra time writing to catch up.) Be sure to dedicate a time for writing each day.  It’s only two pages. You can make time…no excuses! Get up an hour earlier if you need to. You must make a commitment to yourself and stick to it. Some days your …


“Every day there are moments when I find myself drawn to pray.  I pray because I must, because regardless of my good intentions I lose my bearings.  I make mistakes. I am stopped by the way the world challenges and confounds my plans.  When a loved one is beset by illness, ache, or fear, I pray their healing may be deep and true.  When I feel suddenly lost or lonely, I pray for the comfort of a nourishing spirit that will tech me, show me the way.  At other times my prayer is filled with gratefulness for the numberless blessings showered on any life. In these moments, my prayer is astonishingly simple: Thank you.” –Wayne Muller in LEARNING TO PRAY,  How We Find Heaven on Earth  Photo courtesy of MorgueFile In loving memory of Rosauro Cruz, 1935-2013  


Hope helps us build emotional muscles. When life presents us with pain, hope presents itself as an alternative to despair, depression and giving up. Hope helps us find the threads of faith within our soul. It shows us that we have the capacity to believe in something or someone greater than pain. Hope opens the door so that we can allow faith to come into our lives and view the circumstances of pain and tragedy from a different perspective. Hope is always there. But it is not always easy to hope. It takes a long time to understand hope. Photo courtesy of Morguefile

Spirituality pervades all realms of our being

Sometimes people get the mistaken notion that spirituality is a separate department of life, the penthouse of our existence. But rightly understood, it is a vital awareness that pervades all realms of our being. Someone will say, “I come alive when I listen to music,” or  “I come to life when I garden,” or “I come alive when I play golf. “Wherever we come alive, that is the area in which we are  spiritual. And then we can say, “I know at least how one is spiritual in that area.” To be vital, awake, aware, an all areas of our lives is the task that is never accomplished, but it remains the goal. — Brother David Stteindl-Rast in The Music of Silence Photo courtesy of Morguefile

Five Great E-Courses with Bendy Pricing

I first learned about Satya and Kaspalita last year when I read about their mindful writing practice of “Writing Small Stones.”  That was about two years ago, and the couple’s blog, “Writing Our Way Home,” was a very busy site, and Satya’s name was still Fiona Robyn.  Much has changed in the Buddhist couple’s blog – they now concentrate on giving online courses, and after being ordained as a Buddhist priest, Fiona changed her name to Satya. Now, Satya and Kaspalita are generously offering their E-courses with a “pay as you like” option.  Last year, I enrolled in Kaspa’s  Eastern Therapeutic Writing course, which cost US$70.  It was well worth the money: I was introduced to a few Japanese theories such as Naikan, Waka  and Morita journaling  (I was already familiar with the koan); there were plenty of reading resources and each day an email arrived with the day’s work.  The discussion forum was not very active though, but I think it was because the structure of their E-courses require individual work and much introspection.  This …

Sunday’s Blessings

“I think that creativity is about reaching to the soul, connecting to the inner Self so totally that no difference exists between inner and outer, good and bad, reality and fiction, past and future. Everything rests in the utter and magnificent I AM. “I remember once working at my typewriter, deep in thought, when I glanced up at the tree outside my window, and for a startling moment I was the tree – no separation – and also the air between the tree and me, the glass of the windowpane, the story I was writing, paper, typewriter, and myself. “Satori, I thought, and with the naming, which constitutes a movement back into conscious Mind, I wrenched our of that sweet stated, and I was looking at the page again, marveling at what had happened, and how to reach that suspension of time and Self again…” –Sophy Burnham, For Writers Only Photo: Morguefile

My Writer’s Altar

  My writer’s altar is up – creating it was actually a simple affair.  There were no singing angels, no chiming bells – just something short of spring cleaning. What happened was, I decided to surf the internet for a quick look on what other writer’s altars look like. I found only one site with a picture on it – the writer built an altar on the window sill in front of the computer.  Not for me – I don’t have a window sill anywhere near my computer.  So I decided to pull out my books on writing (a good number of which, I have not yet read) to look for ideas on how to build  a writer’s altar. It was then that I realized that the books on writing were mixed up with the books on energy healing, art, spirituality, crafts, gardening…and all others. Of course it had been that way for a long time, but it didn’t seem to matter nor bother me before. The decision came quickly – I knew that if I …

Of Synchronicity, Altars, Rituals and Writers

Carl Gustav Jung  coined the term synchronicity  to refer to two or more events that do not seem to be causally related but occur within the same time frame; events that do not seem to have occurred by chance, but when experienced together, create a deep impact on the one experiencing the events. Jung said that synchronistic events are more likely to occur when a person is in a highly charged state of emotional and mental awareness. He used the phrases “acausal connecting principle”, “meaningful coincidence” and “acausal parallelism” to describe synchronicity. As an energy therapist, I am always on the look out for synchronicities.  It was thus no surprise when, after posting my last entry,” A Writer’s Altar,” I opened my email and found the 56th issue of WOW (Women on Writing), waiting to be read. In my previous blog entry, I wrote about being at a crossroads in my life as a writer, of the persistent “call” to create a writer’s altar, and the desire to find the writing path that would fulfill my new-found purpose …

A Writer’s Altar

I’ve decided to build a writer’s altar – perhaps because I am at a crossroads in my writing life.  Whatever the reason, the call to build an altar has been floating around in my head lately, and I’ve decided it’s time to build one – a first step towards re-creating my writing space. As a Catholic, I know about altars. I’ve created altars in my room in various places, with numerous symbolic objects.  My altars changed as my spiritual life changed.  Finally, when my spirit calmed down (after many years), the altar settled in a space up above a big cabinet in my bedroom.  It is sparse compared to all the altars that I’ve built-in my lifetime – a crucifix made of capiz shell with a simple filigree design in the middle, a small capiz angel, a silver candle snuffer and a two-sided picture frame with the image of Our Lady of Guadalupe on one side, and my own personal spiritual symbol on the other side. Why build a writer’s altar? Andy Couturier in, Writing …

Why Write?

I don’t know why, but since I was young, I always asked, “Why?”  In early grade school, I asked myself why I was born. Why was I different from the rest? Why couldn’t they see what I saw?  Why did I say that? Why, why, why? As an adult I continue to ask why.  For some time, I used to ask, “Why me?”  Then, “Why not me?” Now I often ask, “Why not?” It was perhaps my propensity to ask “Why?”  that kept me from learning or wanting to learn how to set goals. I never set goals. Deadlines, yes, but not goals.  Instead, I look for purpose – the reason why I do something.  And through the years, I have found that the  purpose changes as time goes by, and as I change. When I was a newbie journalist, I asked myself why I wrote.  The answer was because writing provided an avenue to satisfy my endless curiosity. After I managed to find my niche as a feature writer, I asked myself why I …

Sunday’s Blessings

Sunday is the first day of the week.  We begin by taking pause. We take time to breathe and allow our souls to come forth.  Sunday is soul day. We give our souls time and permission to manifest its nature, to make us feel its presence and allow its essence to permeate our being. We take pause on Sunday and listen to the inner pinings of our soul.  We invite the sacred to speak to us and guide us through the week ahead. On Sundays, we merge with the Sacred.  We allow Sacredness back into our lives – oftentimes forgotten in the busy-ness of the days gone by. Sundays remind us that the material world is but an aspect of our lives – it is not the be and all of our human existence. A blessed Sunday to one and all. “We are not human beings having a spiritual experience. We are spiritual beings having a human experience.” – Pierre Teilhard de Chardin Photo: Morguefile