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Friday Web Finds: The Writer’s Voice

What is the writer’s voice? “Like a singer’s, a writer’s voice is an elusive thing, the sum of everything that goes into his or her style of expression,” says Richard Nordquist in this  post, which tells us how to find and fashion our writing voice. A former assistant chef explores the writing voice in: Writer’s Voice: What it is and how to develop yours.  Writer’s Digest’s post, Voice in Writing: Developing a Unique Writing Voice,  provides ways on how we can find our writer’s voice, even though  “Finding a writing voice can be a struggle, whether you’re writing a novel, short story, flash fiction or a blog post.” But this post on the Atlantic says ‘Voice’ Isn’t the Point of Writing. Writers are cautioned: “The truth is, if you want to get paid as a writer, finding your own voice can be a distraction—even a hindrance.” Happy Friday!    

The Writer’s Voice

Discover your voice. Determine how it is different from all other voices. Make it hot for yourself. Get to where the jeopardy is. A writer’s voice. What is it really? I’ve been pondering upon this since last year, and have been trying to find my voice. At first, after reading other blogs and appreciating the way some people can write with humor and candor, I thought my voice was that of a serious writer. But then again, I wondered if that isn’t what’s called writing style. Or is that one’s niche? Late last year, when journalists from all over the globe were arriving in our country to cover the arrival of yet another supertyphoon that threatened to pummel our already supertyphoon-weary archipelago, I told myself I should also blog about typhoon Hagupit. I started with the intention of writing about the supertyphoon and the preparations being done to prevent casualties, but in the end, the blog post centered on prayer. That was a twist that happened as I was writing, and I wonder if somewhere …